Google will turn on native ad-blocking in Chrome on February 15

We’ve known its been coming for a while now but today we Google gave us a date. February 15 will mark the end of adverts on sites that have ‘over aggressive’ or intrusive adverts.

Google told us some time ago that Chrome would native start blocked adverts on sites that are intrusive and annoy the user. This is nothing new Google has been trying to encourage website owners to build better more user-friendly sites for a long time. Previously this has always been done by demoting bad sites and boosting good ones in Google Search.

Chrome for Android and iPhone have also been blocking aggressive adverts for a while now.

The new ad-blocking is stepping up the pressure on websites, however, previous on Chrome for Mobile it would only block the offending advert. From February Chrome will block all adverts on a page where an advert deemed too intrusive is shown.

This is new ad-blocker also plays to Google’s benefit. By building their own ad blocker into Chrome (the worlds most popular browser) Google hopes people will not install third-party extensions that block all adverts whether annoying or not. Something that eats into Google’s main revenue stream and business model – which remains selling ads.

Is ‘social media is ripping apart society’?

Chamath Palihapitiya, a former Facebook executive and the second in as many weeks is hitting the news after comments about how not just Facebook but the wider Internet culture is ripping society apart.

“I think we have created tools that are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works,”

he told an audience at Stanford Graduate School of Business, before recommending people take a “hard break” from social media.

“The short-term, dopamine-driven feedback loops we’ve created are destroying how society works,”

he said, referring to online interactions driven by

“hearts, likes, thumbs-up.” “No civil discourse, no cooperation; misinformation, mistruth. And it’s not an American problem — this is not about Russians ads. This is a global problem.”

He raises a few great points during the talk and gives us some pause for thought in our use of social platforms.